Join the Public Testnet With Docker

Run OKC testnet fullnode with docker

1. Download the docker image

docker pull okexchain/fullnode-testnet:latest

2. Set the data directory

Download the testnet snapshot from here, and unzip it into a data directory ${DATA_DIR}.

3. Run docker container

docker run -d --name okexchain-testnet-fullnode -v ${DATA_DIR}:/root/.exchaind/data/ -p 8545:8545 okexchain/fullnode-testnet:latest

Notice: ${DATA_DIR} has to be an absolute path

4. View the running log

docker logs --tail 100 -f okexchain-testnet-fullnode

5. Stop and restart the fullnode

  • Stop
docker stop okexchain-testnet-fullnode
  • Restart
docker start okexchain-testnet-fullnode

5. RPC

When docker gets to the latest block, local RPC can be used:http://localhost:8545